Presentations from June 13, 2017

Presentation Speaker
Essential Considerations on the New FDA In Vitro DDI Guidance (the What, the Why, and the Wow) Brian Ogilvie
Enabling Comprehensive Assessments of Drug-Drug Interaction Risks Pooja Jain
Novel Enterocyte and Hepatocyte Technologies for Drug Development Albert P. Li
Novel Hepatocyte-Based BSEP and MDR3 Assays for Screening Hepatotoxic Drugs Kan He
What can we learn from determining the Ki value of a TDI experimentally? Krisztina Herédi-Szabó
A Tiered Approach to Bioanalysis Supporting Preclinical and Toxicology Studies: Balancing Budget, Regulations and Needs AIT Bioscience
Streamlined Biotransformation Solutions for Small Molecules, Therapeutic Peptides and ADCs Yuan-qing (Shaw) Xia
CYP Induction Assays Using TRANSPORTER CERTIFIED ™ Hepatocytes Ron Laethem
Persistent hepatitis B virus infection in Hurel's self-assembling microscale primary hepatocyte co-cultures Eric Novik